Thursday, February 6, 2014


Remember how earlier this week everyone started having a fit because of JKR trolling Harry Potter fans?  I've decided to share my opinion.  Mostly it's this: I don't care.

I like Hermione with Ron and her ability to be just friends with Harry.  I do find it significant that JK said she was clinging to the plot she first imagined and I think that kind of original imagining has some power and significance.  But I've never gotten involved in a shipping war because it doesn't matter.  Hermione is bad ass!  She's so smart (I sometimes get jealous which is embarrassing) and great at magic and an awesome planner and she reads a thousand books and has awesome friends.  She's compassionate and thoughtful and brave.  So no.  I don't care who her boyfriend is.

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MAitken said...

Okay so I know this is not related to this post, but I just saw this news report and thought of you and your post about school lunches. I am not diligent enough to find that post and comment there, sorry :( Hope you are doing well!

here's the article: